What is ?


Network of Senders and Couriers

PickNdell is a pick-up and delivery network connecting individuals and businesses who have items requiring delivery and individuals that are looking to have an additional income stream doing deliveries - the couriers.

PickNdell provides a technological solution that facilitates the connection between the businesses and the couriers and manages the delivery process.

Why ?

Unlimited Delivery Workforce

Need to make more deliveries to your customers? With PickNdell you will never run out of delivery personnel. Get as many as you need to accommodate your customers’ needs.

Bought something online? Don’t wait for it. Check PickNdell for available couriers that can deliver you the item/s quickly.

Faster Response Time

PickNdell is broadcasting your order to the couriers that are in the vicinity of your business or near the location where you need to get the item from, thus cutting down the delivery time.

Extreme Flexibility

Whenever you need it, wherever you need it to be delivered, whatever to be delivered, PickNdell couriers are there for you.

How it works


You register as a Courier or as a Sender. After registration and the completion of your profile, you will have access to the dashboard, where you can create and manage orders/deliveries.


Once an order is opened, the order details are broadcasted to the couriers around the pick location.


The first courier that accepts your order, will travel to pick up the package


The courier makes the delivery while the sender can track the location of the package.


Please check your spam/junk directory.

PickNdell is not a delivery service but rather an intermediary technological platform between individuals who want to work as couriers and businesses/individuals seeking delivery personnel.

Of course, but you will need to register as a Courier as well using a different email address than what you used as a sender.

PickNdell is not liable to any loss or damage to the package occurred during delivery. If something like that happens, and proven true, at most, we will be able to compensate you in the amount of the parcel value or 500ILS ($130) whichever is lower. Please make sure you read PickNdell terms before using PickNdell platform.

The payments are made per delivery. As soon as you create a new order, the system calculates the price according to a number of factors:  the distance between the pickup location and the delivery address, the time of day and if there are special requests, e.g. urgent delivery, special vehicle. The price includes a base price of US $10 plus the result of the other factors mentioned (Please check the pricing section for more details). We will display the cost to you and once you approve, we will broadcast the order. Then, when a courier accepts your order, the amount is blocked on your credit card (not charged). Your credit card is charged when your package is delivered.

Please check your spam/junk directory.

Yes, anyone that has a valid driver’s license.

It depends on your PickNdell level. A “Rookie” can handle only one package delivery at a time. Once you gain more experience, and especially more positive feedback, you will be advanced to the next PickNdell level which is “Advanced” which will allow you to handle up to ten packages per delivery route. The next and the highest level, “Expert” will give you the option to deliver up to fifty packages at the time.

We are tracking your location only when you change your status to “Available”. Your location is used to verify you have completed your delivery.

We are processing your earnings and transfer payment once a week on a day of your choosing.

We are not a delivery company. You will not be our employee. What you do with your time is your choice. Our goal is to give you access to businesses and individuals that need your delivery capabilities.

Of course, but you will need to register as a Sender as well using a different email address than what you used as a courier.

You register through our website, fill out your profile (including adding your ID or driver's license), and download the PickNdell application (only Android Play store at the moment). Once we approve your profile, you will be able to set your account to “Available” using the application, and then you’d be visible to senders who are searching for couriers in your vicinity.

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